Steve Eisenhaur




Full NameStephen Edward Eisenhaur

Motorcycle 1967 Honda Dream aka Mike's Dream and 1967 Benelli Cobra 125 aka Monkey Wards Riverside. Favorite is a '72 CB750F café racer.

Birthdate - Too old to list birthday, old enough to have gotten my motorcycle license before Mike was born

Instagram - Whats that?? Don't do social media too old

How Long have you been riding motorcyclesFirst bike was a Honda Scrambler 350 back in summer of '80! Been riding since.

When did you get your motorcycle  licenseFirst moto license back in '79.

Other Gear on the trip – (Sponsor Plugs)

Hometown -Born Medford MA.

Where do you liveLive in South Londonderry VT.

What made you decide to go on this trip - Been talking to Ben for years about getting his butt on some vintage Japanese ride and he finally stepped up. Had no idea it would turn into such a great cause with 8 riders!!!

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Most looking forward to helping keep this great group and their rides in one piece as the adventure unfolds. When I heard that this was an opportunity to help raise money for Marlowe I was all in! I am most looking forward arriving safe and sound in CA with 8 healthy riders and 8 intact bikes!

Likes – I like old bikes, spending time riding with my boys, surfing and fixing things.

Dislikes -When I cant fix things, negativity 

What do you think will be the most challenging part - I  think the biggest challenge we face is the unknown.....

Challenge –  For group to work together to ensure that all riders get from coast to coast intact, in great spirits and still speaking to each other and wanting to ride a motorcycle in future.

Donation - The 1967 Honda Dream

Parting Thoughts -  I feel honored to be a part of such a great cause and such an amazing group. It's not often that we can say "hey I can help make a difference", we are all making a difference in Marlowes life and I encourage each of you to find a way to make a difference each day! 





Matt Ramirez

Uncle Matt

Aka –  Mateo, Stunt monkey

Motorcycle - 71 Honda CL 450 Scrambler

Aka –  The Scrambler

Birthdate -  August 88

Instagram – My_Playground

How Long have you been riding motorcycles -  What’s your definition of riding?  I’ve been on a motorcycle about  ten times in my life and two of those times, I  ended up in a ditch.

When did you get your motorcycle license -  Still Waiting…. ask me in a week

Other Gear on the trip –  Vonzipper shades and goggles, Vans kicks, Volcom gear, Mechanix wear gloves, Biltwell Helmet and goodwill leather jacket

Hometown – Valencia, CA

Where do you live – Venice, CA

What made you decide to go on this trip – Marlowe is my niece and given the chance to raise money for her it was a no brainer. Plus I have a hard time saying no to a good adventure!

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Raising money to give Marlowe a brighter future.  Spending quality time with my brother, creating life long friendships with the other guys and exploring the U.S. in a whole new light!

Likes – Anything and everything that involves the outdoors and traveling

Dislikes - Sad movies and Traffic

What do you think will be the most challenging part - Learning to ride a motorcycle while simultaneously crossing the country. Wait, did I just describe the trip?

Challenge – I challenge everyone reading this post to like it, share it and donate now!

Challenge Price Donation – I’ll donate five dollars for every person who shares this post.

Parting thoughts – Marlowe has made me a better person, I want to do all I can to help her live a better life!

Thank you to all of sponsors  Biltwell helmets, Vonzipper, Vans, Volcom, and Mechanix wear.


Thank you for those of you who have donated and or are planning on donating. Every dollar goes straight to Marlowes fund to help her find her feet to dance and her voice to sing!

Ryan Carey

Uncle Dirt

Full Name: Ryan James Carey

AKA: Dirt

Motorcycle: 1971 Honda CL 350 Scrambler

Aka: red rooster

Birthday: 9/7/1986

Instagram: Dirtrulz

How long have you been riding motorcycles: Well, I rode a few times on dirt bikes as a kid, a few more times on a moped in college, and my own moped has run for a total of 2 hours. I also put some time in on pit bike in the trailer park

When did you get your motorcycle license: I am waiting on the paper work. Let's just hope it shows up in time, or I guess I am going for this with my permit!

Other gear on the trip: I am bringing; Vans shoes, Volcom tees (they are so soft!), Von Zipper sunnies and goggles, Biltwell Gringo helmet, Brigdale socks,skateboard, Levis 501s, my step dads leather jacket, the leatherman my dad gave me, and my sweet new wedding ring! Thanks Melissa!

Home Town: Webster NH

What made you decide to go on this trip- This all started last year in June when four of us went to lunch together after moving trampolines around. At first, this whole idea started out as a some day plan. It then grew into going across the country on old Hondas The moment it was decided that we would do it as a fundraiser for Marlowe. At that point I was all in and couldn't wait.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip - This is trip of a life time.  I look forward to great times with friends on the road and doing my small part to help a sweet little girl and raise awareness about her and many others' struggles.

Likes - Skateboarding, old Hondas, fat cat, skiing, and adventures.

Dislikes- rutabega, whining, people who have no idea what they are doing (even though I am that guy on this trip)  

What do you think will be the most challenging part - Making it through Texas, that is a big state.

Challenge -  You set the price.  I do my best.

Challenge - If it not life threatening or having a high probability of long term injury, I will do my best to complete it. This is a fundraiser for a little girl. Let's keep it PG

Parting thoughts - Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and helped raise awareness for this cause.  Please do what can to help Marlowe thrive and let's build a Shane's Inspiration Playground in Mammoth Lakes. 

Ben Wisner

Uncle Ben

 Full Name - Benjamin Wisner

AkaBig Bear

 Motorcycle - 1974 Honda CB 450

AkaThe Brown Hornet

 Birthdate -  11/21/1977

 Instagram - @benjaminwisner but you'll see more pics of the trip @more4marlowe

 How Long have you been riding motorcycles - Rode a bit when I was younger but bought a bike a few years back so I have some experience but never ridden more than 2 days consecutive

 When did you get your motorcycle  license - 2yrs ago

 Other Gear on the trip Volcom, Vonzipper,Vans, Mechanix Gloves, Lightning Jump Starter hooked us up for the trip. I have a Aussie swag for the trip, leather jacket (thanks Commune and the rest I'll get as I need it.

Hometown - Killarney Vale Australia

Where do you live - Mammoth Lakes

 What made you decide to go on this trip - Always wanted to do it. Steve was always trying to sell me a motorbike every time I was on the east coast so when the boys were talking about riding cross country at lunch one day I said I know a guy who can sell is bikes. A pact was made and you can't break a pact.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip Experiencing a different side of America. I'm always traveling to resort in winter so it will be sweet to see some new sites and culture. I am also looking forward to the shenanigans from all the boys. We have a good mix of personalities so I am sure there will be plenty of laughs along the way.


Dislikes - Whining

What do you think will be the most challenging part - From what people tell me it will be saddle soreness. Not sure if that's a term but people have been telling me you get a really sore arse when riding that far.

Challenge – Ryan bet me $100 I could shot a shotgun while riding my bike and stay upright. If I do it he owes the fundraiser $100 if I fall I will pay.

 Challenge Price donation  - I will do just about anything for money towards the cause so get your challenges in everyone.

Parting thoughts - Can't wait to get going on the trip. Thanks to everyone who is getting behind us and a big thanks to my wife Emilie for the support it's not easy being a single mum for 3 weeks, so I owe her big time.




Benny Ryerson

Uncle Benny

Full Name - Benjamin Arthur James Ryerson

Aka – Shaman

Motorcycle -74 Honda XL 350

Aka – The Shaman Special

Birthdate – 7/12/82

Instagram – N/A…

How Long have you been riding motorcycles – a few weeks (but I raced them in my last life)

When did you get your motorcyclelicense -  Still waiting on the official documents. Tests completed May 10th 2015

Other Gear on the trip – (Vans, Von Zipper, Biltwell, Volcom)

Hometown -  Bridgewater, CT

Where do you live – Farellones, Chile

What made you decide to go on this trip – Officially documented by scribe, I bought a Van with friends years ago to trip to Mexico. They all backed out so I wanted to be part of a crew that was committed to an awesome Road Trip. Now supporting Marlowe’s future is the best inspiration of all. It made me feel even better about the investment.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Visiting home town and New Orleans.

Likes – Skiing, Mountains, Mt. biking, Tennis, Baroque Music, cooking/eating, Beer, Pretty ladies

Dislikes - Politics

What do you think will be the most challenging part – sitting on a bike for an 8-10 hour ride.

Challenge – Jump off a bridge in my Home state of Connecticut  

Challenge Price given  - $100

Parting thoughts –Ride Motorcycles. Have Fun!






Christopher Cunningham

Uncle Toph

Full Name - ChrisTopher “Toph Man” Cunningham


MotorcycleThe Comfort King (1973 Honda CB500F)


Instagramnew and improved, ready to ride at go4ertopher

How Long have you been riding motorcyclesAbout 2 weeks in town now at speeds below 40 MPH, its all the same right??

When did you get your motorcycle  license - That depends when the certificate finally reaches my mailbox, I’m guessing it will be the day before I fly out

Other Gear on the trip – Thanks to Biltwell helmets, I have the Gringo S full faceVans supplied us skate shoes for off the bike adventures. A 4:00 AM impulse purchase on Amazon found me my full leather motorcycle jacket (which has 2 gun pockets I might add). Mechanix wear gloves. Vonzipper Mayfield Sunglasses and my first pairs of cowboy boots and carhartts to fit the part, clearly

Hometown -Mammoth Lakes, CA

Where do you liveMammoth Lakes, CA

What made you decide to go on this tripThe Fear of Missing Out!  How could you turn down a proposal like this when 7 of your good friends are all fully committed.  So I decided, don't care what happens or what it takes, I’m in.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Nashville to New Orleans to Austin.  I look forward to southern bars and live music.  I intend to encounter some strange situations and interesting conversations.  OPEN TO CHALLENGES EVERYBODY


Dislikes - Snakes.  I hate snakes

What do you think will be the most challenging part - Keeping 8 skiers/snowboarders on 1970’s Honda motorcycles of all shapes and sizes together in one group consistently across the entire nation.

Challenge – I challenge my Mother to ride through Yosemite Valley with me on the back of my bike when I finally get back to Mammoth.  (She’s not a huge fan of motorcycles)

Challenge Price donation  - $100

Parting thoughtsWe are all here fully committed to the trip of a life time.  We are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.  This is primarily for lil Marlowe’s future and development  but also your own entertainment on the side!  Lets get weird!

Nacho Vaz

Uncle Nacho

Full Name - Nacho

AKA Nacho

Motorcycle - 1974 Honda CL 360 Scrambler

Aka - El Lobo Solitario 

Birthdate - 4/18/79

Instagram - @nachodudeski

How long have you been riding motorcycles - At this point probably a grand total of 10 riding days.

When did you get your motorcycle license - I'm still waiting for my paperwork to arrive in the mail. I passed my riding test on May 10th, 2015 at the Academy of Motorcycle Operation in Pasadena, CA. 

Other Gear on the trip - Vans sneaks, Volcom t-shirts, Von Zipper shades and goggles, Biltwell helmet with green glitter, Bridgedale socks, leather jacket, gloves, jeans, camera, camping gear, my camo wallet that i've had since i was 16 years old, a skateboard and I'm bringing with me a lot of high fives. 

Hometown - Branchburg, New Jersey

Where Do You Live - Mammoth Lakes, CA 

What made you decide to go on this trip- This all started last year in June when four of us went to lunch together. At first, this whole idea started out as a joke on mopeds making fun of me because I like vintage Vespa's. It then grew into going across the country on motorcylces. The moment I was definitely not backing out was when it was decided that we would do it as a fundraiser for Marlowe and her family. At that point I was completely committed. Even if I had to do it alone! Then our group grew to who we have on the trip today and amazingly, everyone stayed committed. The main topic of conversation during the winter was how to raise awareness for Marlowe's condition via crossing the country on our 1970's Honda motorcycles. I would have done it alone but adventures are more exciting with FRIENDS. 

What are you most looking forward to on this trip - As always on a road trip, I look forward to what awaits ahead and what's around every corner. Looking forward to riding motorcycles with great friends, and most importantly, doing it for Marlowe and bringing awareness about her condition. 

Likes - Having fun, laughing, road trips, hiking, taking photos, picking for antiques, and ice cream. 

Dislikes- Traffic while on a motorcycle (I haven't experienced that yet, but I can tell already that I will not like it), negativity, complainers, and cucumbers. Oh yeah, and watermelon. It looks so delicious but I can't stand watermelon.  

What do you think will be the most challenging part - Considering that none of us have ever been on a motorcycle in a group with other cars around, i think  the first couple of days when we're getting use to our motorcycles and learning how to ride in a group. But after that, it's smooth riding all the way to the West Coast.

Challenge - $20 each

Challenge - Topher not to gamble in Las Vegas

                    Ryan to sneak onto the X-Games course

                    Rob hug every Monster girl at the X-Games

                    Michael not to  drink a single Red Bull during the entire trip

                    Benny to wear daisy dukes for the entire day with the pockets coming out the    bottom while in Nashville, TN

                    Matt to be the first M.O.R.E rider to do a wheelie

                    Ben go up to a big burly dude with cowboy boots in Texas and tell him his (Ben's) belt buckle is not as cool as his 

Parting thoughts - Some people might call it dangerous, as some of us only have 10 actual days being on a motorcycle. However, I have no doubt it will be a comical and memorable trip to help Marlowe and her family navigate the obstacles they are facing.   Follow our journey, keep posting comments and keep spreading the love for Marlowe. The more hearts we can touch, the better chance Marlowe has to find her voice, walk on her own and find her feet to dance. Hopefully our trip reminds people to experience something new, get out and do something that you've always been wanting to do, and raise funds for Marlowe!


Aka – Marlowe’s Dad, Mike,

Motorcycle – 75 Honda CB 550 Four

Aka – Orange Crush

Birthdate – Sept 82

Instagram - rammrod

How Long have you been riding motorcycles – My Dad had an old Honda XR200 growing up. It was always way to big, when I finally got big enough, it stopped running shortly after. So maybe a dozen times.

When did you get your motorcycle license – Still don’t have it yet.

Other Gear on the trip – Vonzipper sunglasses and goggles. , Biltwell helmet, Vans Shoes, Volcom Tee’s. Mechanix Gloves, Lightning Jump Starter and most importantly a picture of Marlowe and the Wifey taped to the gas tank.

Hometown – Santa Clarita, Ca.

Where do you live – Mammoth Lakes, Ca.

What made you decide to go on this trip – I always wanted to do a cross country trip on a moped. I saw a video of two guys that did it and they got chased by a Bear in Colorado. The Bear was much faster.  Motorcycles seemed like a better idea. The idea was thrown around by my friends, apparently I entered into a pact,  my friend Nacho eventually tattled to my wife and she said Yes. Things started moving real fast when the group decided to turn it into a fundraiser for my daughter.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – The adventure, the challenges, the opportunities being afforded to my daughter. 

Likes – Family, Fun, Travel, and Snowboarding

Dislikes – Snakes, Spiders and Time cause I never have enough.

What do you think will be the most challenging part – Not seeing my girls for several weeks.  

Challenge  - I challenge myself to be the best Dad I can be, and give Marlowe every opportunity in this world to thrive.  To help her find her Voice to Sing, and her Feet to Dance.

Challenge Price donation  - You can’t put a price on LOVE

Parting thoughts – Although the last couple of years of our lives have been challenging and hard, the way everyone has come together to help one special little girl is beyond belief. I am blessed to be the father of that girl, and I treasure every moment and am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone that has had love for Marlowe, your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Thank you to everyone that is spreading the word and donating to give our family the opportunity to give Miracles a Chance.  Hard work pays off, prayer pays off. THANKS






Marlowe Autumn Ramirez

Aka – M, Marley, Missy

Motorcycle – I don’t have a motorcycle, but I do have a Therapy Horse named Arizona. She lives down at the Freedom in Motion Therapeutic Riding Center in Chalfant, California. I get to ride with her once a week and it is my favorite activity.

Birthdate – 12-20-2011

Instagram – more4marlowe

How Long have you been riding motorcycles –I have been riding Arizona every week since I turned 3 years old & Barley my Chocolate Labrador every once in a while.

When did you get your motorcycle  license – I don’t have one yet, but I am getting a GoBabyGO car from Oregon State this Summer.

Other Gear on trip – toys, my favorite show Little Einstein’s, my piano

Hometown –Mammoth Lakes, California

Where do you live – Mammoth Lakes, Ca. but this summer, I will live in San Rafael, Ca. for a month of intensive therapy, and then I will live in Santa Rosa for 5 weeks going to Boost Summer Camp. After that I’m sure I will have to go down to Children’s Hospital Orange County to see my doctors. I’m hoping my Mama will take me to Disneyland after all my appointments or the Aquarium.

What made you decide to go on this trip – I want to find my feet to dance and my voice to sing.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Seeing new places, making new friends, & finding some inclusive playgrounds where I can play with kids of all abilities.

Likes – Music, giving kisses, smiling, laughing, riding Arizona & snuggling.

Dislikes – Needles for tests, non-inclusive playgrounds

What do you think will be the most challenging part –Trying to crawl, stand and move around by myself. But I will get there! Also, being away from my dad, Barley and my mountains.

Challenge –  I challenge the town of Mammoth Lakes to build an inclusive playground. I just want to be able to play with ALL my friends and not be left out. So Mammoth, Let’s GO GO GO!

Challenge Price donation  - I will play really hard all the time with all my friends. We will donate laughter, smiles and a generation of unbiased kids who will grow up playing together.

Parting thoughts – Stay safe Daddy and keep all my Uncle’s safe. I love you Mama! Thank you for making me all my special food, always coming with me to all my Dr’s appointments and therapies., but most of all your endless love for me. Thanks to everyone sending prayers, positive thoughts and energy my way. I feel it, and I will try my hardest. Miracles DO happen. Thanks everyone for sharing my story, my Daddy’s trip and for donating if you can.‘go-baby-go’-mobility-program-children-disabilities-expands-osu


*We have a wonderful opportunity to design and build a unique to Mammoth Lakes, wonderful, safe, and Inclusive playground that will meet the needs of ALL children.  Inclusive Playgrounds make a fundamental statement about how communities value play experiences for people of all ages and abilities. The park is there, the land is there, volunteers are ready, and funding has been set aside, work on the playground could start tomorrow.


Please share Marlowe’s bio with all your friends and family in the town of Mammoth Lakes. The MORE people that support this project, the faster we can get it built for Marlowe and ALL the kids and families that live in and visit Mammoth Lakes. For more info on how to help Marlowe complete her challenge please email