Christopher Cunningham

Uncle Toph

Full Name - ChrisTopher “Toph Man” Cunningham


MotorcycleThe Comfort King (1973 Honda CB500F)


Instagramnew and improved, ready to ride at go4ertopher

How Long have you been riding motorcyclesAbout 2 weeks in town now at speeds below 40 MPH, its all the same right??

When did you get your motorcycle  license - That depends when the certificate finally reaches my mailbox, I’m guessing it will be the day before I fly out

Other Gear on the trip – Thanks to Biltwell helmets, I have the Gringo S full faceVans supplied us skate shoes for off the bike adventures. A 4:00 AM impulse purchase on Amazon found me my full leather motorcycle jacket (which has 2 gun pockets I might add). Mechanix wear gloves. Vonzipper Mayfield Sunglasses and my first pairs of cowboy boots and carhartts to fit the part, clearly

Hometown -Mammoth Lakes, CA

Where do you liveMammoth Lakes, CA

What made you decide to go on this tripThe Fear of Missing Out!  How could you turn down a proposal like this when 7 of your good friends are all fully committed.  So I decided, don't care what happens or what it takes, I’m in.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Nashville to New Orleans to Austin.  I look forward to southern bars and live music.  I intend to encounter some strange situations and interesting conversations.  OPEN TO CHALLENGES EVERYBODY


Dislikes - Snakes.  I hate snakes

What do you think will be the most challenging part - Keeping 8 skiers/snowboarders on 1970’s Honda motorcycles of all shapes and sizes together in one group consistently across the entire nation.

Challenge – I challenge my Mother to ride through Yosemite Valley with me on the back of my bike when I finally get back to Mammoth.  (She’s not a huge fan of motorcycles)

Challenge Price donation  - $100

Parting thoughtsWe are all here fully committed to the trip of a life time.  We are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.  This is primarily for lil Marlowe’s future and development  but also your own entertainment on the side!  Lets get weird!