Ben Wisner

Uncle Ben

 Full Name - Benjamin Wisner

AkaBig Bear

 Motorcycle - 1974 Honda CB 450

AkaThe Brown Hornet

 Birthdate -  11/21/1977

 Instagram - @benjaminwisner but you'll see more pics of the trip @more4marlowe

 How Long have you been riding motorcycles - Rode a bit when I was younger but bought a bike a few years back so I have some experience but never ridden more than 2 days consecutive

 When did you get your motorcycle  license - 2yrs ago

 Other Gear on the trip Volcom, Vonzipper,Vans, Mechanix Gloves, Lightning Jump Starter hooked us up for the trip. I have a Aussie swag for the trip, leather jacket (thanks Commune and the rest I'll get as I need it.

Hometown - Killarney Vale Australia

Where do you live - Mammoth Lakes

 What made you decide to go on this trip - Always wanted to do it. Steve was always trying to sell me a motorbike every time I was on the east coast so when the boys were talking about riding cross country at lunch one day I said I know a guy who can sell is bikes. A pact was made and you can't break a pact.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip Experiencing a different side of America. I'm always traveling to resort in winter so it will be sweet to see some new sites and culture. I am also looking forward to the shenanigans from all the boys. We have a good mix of personalities so I am sure there will be plenty of laughs along the way.


Dislikes - Whining

What do you think will be the most challenging part - From what people tell me it will be saddle soreness. Not sure if that's a term but people have been telling me you get a really sore arse when riding that far.

Challenge – Ryan bet me $100 I could shot a shotgun while riding my bike and stay upright. If I do it he owes the fundraiser $100 if I fall I will pay.

 Challenge Price donation  - I will do just about anything for money towards the cause so get your challenges in everyone.

Parting thoughts - Can't wait to get going on the trip. Thanks to everyone who is getting behind us and a big thanks to my wife Emilie for the support it's not easy being a single mum for 3 weeks, so I owe her big time.