Benny Ryerson

Uncle Benny

Full Name - Benjamin Arthur James Ryerson

Aka – Shaman

Motorcycle -74 Honda XL 350

Aka – The Shaman Special

Birthdate – 7/12/82

Instagram – N/A…

How Long have you been riding motorcycles – a few weeks (but I raced them in my last life)

When did you get your motorcyclelicense -  Still waiting on the official documents. Tests completed May 10th 2015

Other Gear on the trip – (Vans, Von Zipper, Biltwell, Volcom)

Hometown -  Bridgewater, CT

Where do you live – Farellones, Chile

What made you decide to go on this trip – Officially documented by scribe, I bought a Van with friends years ago to trip to Mexico. They all backed out so I wanted to be part of a crew that was committed to an awesome Road Trip. Now supporting Marlowe’s future is the best inspiration of all. It made me feel even better about the investment.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – Visiting home town and New Orleans.

Likes – Skiing, Mountains, Mt. biking, Tennis, Baroque Music, cooking/eating, Beer, Pretty ladies

Dislikes - Politics

What do you think will be the most challenging part – sitting on a bike for an 8-10 hour ride.

Challenge – Jump off a bridge in my Home state of Connecticut  

Challenge Price given  - $100

Parting thoughts –Ride Motorcycles. Have Fun!