Aka – Marlowe’s Dad, Mike,

Motorcycle – 75 Honda CB 550 Four

Aka – Orange Crush

Birthdate – Sept 82

Instagram - rammrod

How Long have you been riding motorcycles – My Dad had an old Honda XR200 growing up. It was always way to big, when I finally got big enough, it stopped running shortly after. So maybe a dozen times.

When did you get your motorcycle license – Still don’t have it yet.

Other Gear on the trip – Vonzipper sunglasses and goggles. , Biltwell helmet, Vans Shoes, Volcom Tee’s. Mechanix Gloves, Lightning Jump Starter and most importantly a picture of Marlowe and the Wifey taped to the gas tank.

Hometown – Santa Clarita, Ca.

Where do you live – Mammoth Lakes, Ca.

What made you decide to go on this trip – I always wanted to do a cross country trip on a moped. I saw a video of two guys that did it and they got chased by a Bear in Colorado. The Bear was much faster.  Motorcycles seemed like a better idea. The idea was thrown around by my friends, apparently I entered into a pact,  my friend Nacho eventually tattled to my wife and she said Yes. Things started moving real fast when the group decided to turn it into a fundraiser for my daughter.

What are you most looking forward to on this trip – The adventure, the challenges, the opportunities being afforded to my daughter. 

Likes – Family, Fun, Travel, and Snowboarding

Dislikes – Snakes, Spiders and Time cause I never have enough.

What do you think will be the most challenging part – Not seeing my girls for several weeks.  

Challenge  - I challenge myself to be the best Dad I can be, and give Marlowe every opportunity in this world to thrive.  To help her find her Voice to Sing, and her Feet to Dance.

Challenge Price donation  - You can’t put a price on LOVE

Parting thoughts – Although the last couple of years of our lives have been challenging and hard, the way everyone has come together to help one special little girl is beyond belief. I am blessed to be the father of that girl, and I treasure every moment and am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone that has had love for Marlowe, your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Thank you to everyone that is spreading the word and donating to give our family the opportunity to give Miracles a Chance.  Hard work pays off, prayer pays off. THANKS